Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is almost Christmas time

The kids helped me wrap a few small things and after fourty minutes I was in so much pain.

Little nervous as hubby is going out of town so I will be on my own with the kids preparing for the holiday. I'm behind on ordering things. Not going to stress it. The wrapping is the hardest part.

We had fun tonight. The kids are so excited about Christmas

Before I forget my hubby brought me the prettiest flowers tonight 

 And gave me my iPhone early . It was my Christmas present but he wanted me to have it now.:)

Good Night!


  1. Wrapping presents is really hard when you deal with chronic pain. It just kills my back and my arms to do it, so I can sympathize! Just pace yourself.

    My husband is out of town this week, so I can understand that, too. I'm lucky that my older kids help with the younger ones (and it really helps that my youngest is 7).

    The flowers are beautiful!

  2. I have not gotten very far w/ wrapping. Have you finished yours?

    Thanks :) I loved the flowers. I just wish they lived longer :)