Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Childhood BFF

                                          Above is Brian, Me,  & Tierra holding my little Hannah Bug.

I can't even tell you all of the memories that we have together. We spent so much time together that it would take days to even touch some of it. :) In short she was the sister I never had.. 

I will never forget how awful I felt when her mother passed away. Someone that I loved was hurting and I was unable to go because I was pregnant with Mason and it was a bad bad bad pregnancy. I was on bed rest and in and out of the hospital.   She is sort of in my position now of no family as it is her in IL now. She has two brothers but one she is not close with and the other is far away and stays busy with his work.  She is married to an AWESOME guy named Patrick.  

In short I have missed her sooo much. My kids love them and have enjoyed the visits we have had this year with them. But we definitely are excited that they are likely moving here. My hubby has a job open and they are pretty sure it is Patrick's. I am so excited. It would be in the same building as my husband so it is close to our house. This means that if it all works out my best friend will be moving here in my town and I will get to see her again. My kids can have an aunt and uncle here instead of always asking why they don't have one. 

I cant even explain how excited I am.  My kids  are too. I think Tierra and Patrick are thrilled too. I honestly never thought I would get them here. But I am so thankful that it is all coming together. I am praying that it continues to work out and they get to come and we can have a sort of family here. I know that may sound silly. But I miss her! We used to do all of our holidays together when we were young. So this will just be amazing. 

So if you pray please please keep my friends in your prayers that the move happens the job comes through and everyone is happy and that it just all works out and they are able to make it here to Georgia. 

Funny that it is turning out this way.. Or not. I had been praying for god to bring me a friend old or new that would understand where I have been where I am going and not judge me. that would love me regardless and would be a friend regardless of my physical condition. Then when this job came open.. I almost did not even call them. But something told me to. Well, I did and now it just feels like God definitely has a hand in it ;) 

                          This is us at my wedding. :)

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