Friday, December 23, 2011

28 weeks!

I really should get a belly shot. A friend of mine has offered to do some for me. I just need to take her up on it. I know this is my last pregnancy and I have no real belly shots from the other 3. But, I feel like a swollen mass of blubber.

I swear even my doctor was a butt about it the other day. This man has known me for gosh almost 7 years now and this is my 3rd child he has delivered. It blows my mind that he who was during the whole time I have known him until recently a good 300 lbs had made a comment to me...  When I first started going there I was probably 110 lbs. Now a lot more but my health has been a disaster. Anyway... I was put on this stupid gestational diabetes diet and have lost a few lbs. He first griped at me about that. Then said But well lets face it you are no Kate Middleton anyway.. WTF?? REALLY jerko???  I was with my kids so I kept quiet. But I am a little peeved. That and the other perinatologist and his comments last appointment. I want new doctors.. too bad I am too "high risk" and no one wants me. lol

So at 28 weeks I am ready for this to be over. I know don't wish it away but I am miserable. I can barely walk let alone get anything accomplished. The barely walking is because of pain and lack of pain meds. I have been trying not to take them and I am miserable. The cold weather and rain has definitely made it worse. I am unable to sleep, sit,stand comfortably. It is so weird I feel like the baby is literally going to drop out any minute. I know I felt this way with the others but not this early. Makes me wonder how far this pregnancy will make it.. I also am having issues stabilizing my blood sugar. I fear the insulin is going to happen. :( :(

I am going to look into some good pregnancy support pillows. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I need something. I have tried many of the pillows I have at home for help and no luck. I have real feather pillows, imitation allergen free feather pillows, soft, fluffy,foam. hard etc.  I use the original boppy for sitting up to help with pain. I actually use a couple of them. I love the support from them. Just they are not comfy to sleep with.

Done with my complaints! :)

Baby is moving lots and that is fun. No idea what his name will be yet. We are leaning towards Timothy Andrew or Timothy Richard. But, It is very possible that will change. :)

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  1. You should definitely get some belly shots - they are just so much fun and even if you feel like a pile of blubber, it'll be great to look back on.

    I really hope you don't end up on insulin!

    I like the name Timothy.