Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Better late than never!!!

We went on vacation in July and had a lot of fun. Now almost 4 weeks in a hotel with 3 kids was harsh and a challenge because I was incredibly sick the entire time and having some bad pain issues. But while we were gone We found out we were expecting #4! It has been exciting and trying all at the same time. I have hard pregnancies every time and this pregnancy is no different. I am dealing with pre-term labor, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, some messed up vitamin/mineral levels and the normal morning sickness for me that lasts the entire time.

I am almost 26 weeks and can I just say that the hardest thing about Christmas this year besides being miserable is seeing and making all of this yummy food I love and not being able to eat any of it!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess on the positive side of this is that I was eating pretty crappy and I have adjusted my diet dramatically to keep off of insulin.  Yes well the doctor said that there was no way I could get the levels ok without insulin. I say POOEY doctor's don't know everything! I have managed to begin eating totally healthy and got my levels great. Ha!  Now, I am missing my junk food and sweets but maybe it is best I learn to do without that processed junk anyway :)

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  1. Congratulations!!! Being pregnant is so awesome! I don't miss it, but I did enjoy it all of the times I was pregnant. And congrats on eating well and controlling your sugars without insulin! That is definitely not something that is easy. I wish I could give up the sweets =)