Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I almost did not feel ok writing...

I have sat down to post so many times but end up walking away to something else. After getting several e-mails and messages from other people dealing with pain it has made me realize that I should probably devote a little time to blogging about my stuff. Someone may be going through the same thing..

I will be honest though, after reading several blogs that basically call people who write/blog to "complain" about their problems whiners, not real bloggers etc. Kind of threw me. I am not blogging for money. I am not even blogging with hopes of becoming well known or anything. I am only blogging to get my stuff out there for me and for some other person that may be at home feeling defeated with their illness. Not that we are whiners but that maybe the internet and blogs is the only way to find others dealing with the same things. I know that I have no one locally that I can say understands me.  I honestly believe my husband is trying but after 10 years and my problems getting progressivly worse, he told me the other day that he does not even fully understand.

So, I am reaching out to find others dealing with the same things.. to form friendships and support one another. Maybe for our spouses to be able to relate and talk about how they deal as well. My husband is thinking about blogging sometime soon too. When he can find a  minute that is. He is busy with work and is in his 2nd yr of law school.

I will try to start posting more even if it is just to say I can't get out of bed today... Why? Because it is my outlet!!! I will be honest on here, so if you can't take it step away. I am a christian but I can not promise I will not curse occasionally. Because let's be honest- life hurts sometimes and no one is perfect.
I can not promise perfect writing or writing without typos. Sometimes it may sound jumbled.. Sorry! That is just me. :)

Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to message me and ask me to start writing. I am thankful that you did that. I was going to just kind of let it go. I mean I really though who wants to read my jumbled thoughts. :) But as someone said, it is a good way to support others and find support.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am so glad you posted. Even if you are posting to say you can't get out of bed, it helps so much to just write it down. Have you joined voiceBoks? That's definitely a great place to find some more friends. I've met several who deal with chronic health issues.

    I'll be reading, even if you are only saying I can't get out of bed. And, to hell with anyone who says you're whining. It's your blog to say what you want to. That's the beauty of blogging. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it lol. I don't care what anyone thinks of my blog. It's for me. Sure, I'd like to earn a little money from it, but only because my disability is about to run out. It will never become anything other than an outlet of me, no matter what.