Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Favorite Thing About Breastfeeding

I have mentioned several times that Baby B is a very needy baby. He is definitely a Mommy's boy. Poor little guy has the worst case of colic out of all four of my kids. He is now two months old and we are still nursing. I love it! I am so excited that we are making it work this time. I say that because with my other kids I had a supply problem that in the end caused us to go to formula. 

This is a very real idea of what B looks like most of the time. Colic Is no fun!

Now I will admit that I love pictures of the little ones when they are crying. But, I can not stand to hear him cry. It literally hurts my heart. He will not take a pacifier and nothing else seems to calm him as much as nursing. I love our time together when he is nursing. I love that it is the one thing that will calm him down when nothing else will. Plus it is pretty cool knowing that your body can produce the milk that baby needs to grow and really that is just pretty awesome. 

There is nothing better than a full and content baby boy. Nothing more precious than that time you spend together. 

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